Model SYNTRIS 10 to 60 kN


Universal Testing Machine

The "All road" machine

Recommended for tests on any type of materials such as plastics, woods, elastomers, textiles, metals, etc.

First model in the range benefiting from RIGI-DRIVE technology, which provides an accurate control on the whole speed range. It is the ideal machine for the demanding customer who needs an accurate machine for laboratory tests or a stiff and reliable machine for industrial tests.

That universal testing machine has been designed for tests on soft materials with (long extension) large strain and for all kind of metals.

The high stiffness of both frame and transmission joined to a brushless motor and a high resolution encoder provide a high precision measurement on large stroke.

It provides an accurate control of position and speed and in certain cases allows to measure strain without any extensometer.

That model is based on a 60 kN frame and may be equipped with load cells from 50 N to 60 kN depending of the use.


  • Stiffness: Means accuracy, stability, sturdiness and long life
  • Power: Constant couple motor allowing fast speed variations
  • Saving: Large range of tests and materials, integrated displacement measurement
  • Strength: Stand made of steel, column housing made of aluminium and polycarbonate, working surface made of stainless steel
  • Serenity: No service
  • Large range of standard or specific tooling


  • Driven by QuantX PC software
  • Syntris 50 PG2Test speed: 0.001 to 1000 mm/min up to max load
  • Stroke: 1000, 1700 mm, other on request
  • Horizontal daylight: 450 or 580 mm
  • Crossbeam position, resolution: 0,1 µm
  • Control type: load, speed, strength, deformation, etc.
  • Axial stiffness: 130 kN/mm
  • Rigid transmission system. No chain, no belt
  • Excellent quality price ratio

Tensile tests on steel, tensile tests on polymer and elastomer, Shearing and flexural test on wood, peeling, glue, adhesive , multi material compressive tests, Young modulus, extension, extensometers "clip-on", strain measurement, etc.