Video Extensometer

Video Extensometer



Video extensometers are or mounted on a stand or built in the testing machine. In that last case a rail or an arm allows to put it away to a safe zone while not used. This extensometer works without any contact and then allows measuring the strain up to the breakage of the specimen. 



Specific software manages the video extensometer and transmits in real time measurement data (such as strain or displacement) to the control software of the testing machine. Thanks to one or two high resolution cameras the video extensometer gives very good characteristics even for short displacement tests.


Some examples of use:

Extensometre Video 2

  • Tensile test on metals – Longitudinal extension
  • Tensile test on metals – Transversale extension
  • Tensile test on metals – Longitudinal extension & transversale extension together
  • Measurement of deformation of structures
  • Measurement through the window of a climatic chamber
  • Etc.


Video Extensometer, RTSS