Extensometers 'Clip-On'

Extensometers 'Clip-On'

The ‘Clip-On extensometers range offers a large realm of possibilities. ‘Clip-On’ are self-supported and are manually mounted on the specimen. That solution has a good Quality/Price ratio.

Many models are available:

  • Extensometer for tensile tests on metals
  • Extensometer for tensile tests on materials with long strain
  • Extensometer for tensile tests on rebar
  • Extensometer for compressive tests on cylinders
  • Extensometer for flexural tests on prisms
  • Extensometer for high temp tensile tests
  • Etc.

Starting from your needs we’ll help you to define the best extensometer solution. We need to define many parameters to obtain the right extensometer such as:


  • The class following ASTM or ISO standards
  • The base length
  • The stroke (positive or negative)
  • Specimen size
  • Ambient temp
  • Weight
  • Etc.

extensometer clip on