Black-Box control unit

Black-Box 3R

Our challenge is to achieve extreme driving accuracy on the widest range of travel speed.

Each machine configuration has to allow fast, accurate and controlled movement, in order to meet high number of tests, while allowing to achieve slow tensile tests, with instantaneous velocity lower than a micron/minute on a period of several weeks.
The remote electronics provides direct access and better electrical insulation (noise reduction).

The operator has easy access for connecting his peripherals.

Upgrading your equipment is simplified.





Technical specifications:

  • Adjustable Synchronous acquisition up to 1000 Hz.
  • Direct servo current, closed loop, 1 kHz.
  • Dimmer control with switching frequency up to 12 kHz.
  • Choice of driving mode: displacement, load, strain, stress.
  • I/O extension cards: gauges, LVDT, SSI rule, automatic and video extensometers…
  • Supplied with LCD remote control and speed adjustment knob.
  • Automatic recognition




Driving accuracy of speed


Is the lowest speed rate available on all 3R universal testing machines
At such rate, the machine movment is 3mm a week





We propose a complete line of high resolution and standard load cells