Data security

3r-rpp intention is to promote the trust of the users that would like to use the Internet, and wants to clarify the way of looking at the confidential data. What follows is an explanation about the kind of information that is collecting along with data processing made by 3r-rpp.

Explanation about data security

As a general rule, you have a free access to the whole web pages from 3R-RPP web site. A request will be send to you first if your name, address or any other personal data are required. Your personal data are only used in order to ensure and improve services provided by 3R to his Internet visitors and customers.
If you decide to give your personal data to 3R-RPP or one of his partners, in order to prepare a correspondence or a quotation, for instance, these data will be processed in accordance to the French Law of January 6th 1978 on computers, files and personal freedom. During your connection to these web pages, 3R-RPP could receive traceability data from users, saved for files collection reasons, for instance IP Address, date, time, and visited web pages. This data are analyzed by 3R-RPP in order to notice the behavior of the users/their browsing on the website and make statistics.

Personal data reporting to third parties

If during the process of an order, personal data has to be told to third parties, these third parties have to comply with the Law on computers, files and personal freedom either. Moreover, they are bound by a contract (Privacy Policy). If 3R-RPP would have, by legal constraints or court order, to give personal data, those would be communicate within the limits of the request from the entitled institutions.
For other any reason, 3R-RPP will not communicate your personal data without your agreement.


Your personal data are stored on French web servers highly protected. The access is limited to some members working in 3R-RPP in charge of computer, sales or editorial maintenance on those servers.

In case of contestation/revocation

Si vous souhaitez que 3R-rpp n'utilise plus ou efface vos données personnelles pour qu'aucun contact ne puisse plus être établi, 3R-rpp fera le nécessaire. Les données utiles au traitement d'une commande ou à titre commercial ne sont pas effacées. Nous vous informons également qu'en cas de révocation de votre part, vous ne pourriez plus disposer des services personnalisés dont vous aviez jusque là bénéficiés, ces derniers fonctionnant sur la base des données clients.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used in order to collect and stock textual information during internet connection. Information are stocked on the user’s hard-disk on a ASCII format special file (cookie.txt). The location of the cookie stocked is controlled by the user’s web explorer. Cookies are data which are sending back during the following connection to the server. They can only be read by the server that stored them previously. 3R-RPP uses cookies only when they are imperative for some functions or when they make the internet browsing easier. In no case data are communicated to third parties. Most of the web explorers are settled in order to accept cookies automatically. This function can however be deactivated on the browser at any time. It can only be possible to set parameters of your browser in order to be notified each time a cookie is transmitted.

Hyperlinks to other websites

3R-RPP website has some links to external websites. 3R-RPP has no influence on editorial content of linked pages, neither on respect of data protection by third parties.


3R-RPP website should not contain any advertising except the ones about its own production. Otherwise, advertising operating is coming from external advertising servers. Collected data during the connection with online advertising (AdImpressions, AdClicks) are entirely used to statistical analysis and report creation for advertising customers. Not any personal data are used. With the circulation of advertising, cookies can be used without any influence of 3R-RPP.